How it works

How it works

We’re leveraging automation technology to reduce your inspection costs and improve lessee satisfaction and retention through our new vehicle self inspection app.


Our vehicle self inspection app allows you to save time and reduce annual inspection costs. An improved customer experience will increase customer retention and brand loyalty.

Body damage estimation
Self Inspection body damage estimates are accessible from nearly any web-enabled tablets, phones or Desktops. You are able to suggest estimate corrections directly from your admin portal. Our estimates provide you with near real-time part repairs, replacement prices and labor prices, helping to reduce errors and cycle time.
Your customized vehicle condition report
All required images, vehicle data and body damage estimations are automatically delivered in a comprehensive Condition Report (CR) as a PDF or digital format, so you can open the report in any browser, print it out and share the link.
Customers will benefit from:
  • The ability to complete vehicle inspections on their own time
  • Minimized anxiety surrounding excess wear and use charges
  • Fewer phone calls and inquiries
  • Less confusion surrounding the turn-in process
  • How it works

    Self Inspection can be implemented into your current business model within 2 weeks.
    01. Gather business requirements
    Our software is highly customizable for your business needs and requirements. We will improve your body damage estimation process, lessee communication, condition report and more once we dive into the details of your current business.
    02. We drive the integration
    Once your business requirements are incorporated into your customized version of Self Inspection, it takes around 1 month to become fully operational. All the integration is completely on us.
    03. Test Prototype
    We will provide you with a full working sandbox environment to allow your company testers to perform a full spectrum of inspections. During the testing you will be able to receive txt / sms notifications and body damage estimations, and send us corrections before the launch.
    04. Launch | Your business benefits:
    Your business will decrease overall spending on pre-term and dealer inspections while increasing pre-term inspection completion rates. Your team will have quicker access to inspection results and fewer disruptions to dealer operations.

    Our vehicle SELF INSPECTION app is a convenient and cost effective inspection option that allows you to streamline the lease inspection process, benefiting both you and your lessees.